Customer Reviews

Brought from the ready to send.  The dress is beautiful, I absolutely adore it!  So well made, a great style and as always with all of her creations, amazing fabric choices.  Purchased and arrived the day after!  Thanks so much Tracey, we definitely will be back.

Rebekah Bardoul

Made with such love and care, amazing quality, we love our Amelia Lee dresses☺

Katie Fromings

Unique fabrics, and extremely well made.  We love our baby bloomers and cannot keep count of all the comments we've had on them. Thanks again!

Chloe Mytton

I absolutely adore and truely love Tracey's creations.  They are my most favorite pieces to date and if I want anything custom made, she is my go-to sewer that I trust.  The time and quality put into each garment is by far the best I've found so far.  You honestly can not go wrong with her beautiful handmade pieces.  We are lovers who will always be back x

Hope McBeth